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Lu in Blue

In this season of “Fashion weeks”, social media is flooded with updates regarding “new trends”, however as fashion connoisseurs have said in the past, what really prevails is style.  A simple search for #streetstyle on Pinterest will prove that point, when garments are combined in a smart way, we like what we see, without thinking to much about what pants style or which  colors are dominating the season’s runways.

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Picking out your wedding bands is an important part of the wedding planning. The idea is to find a long lasting, comfortable piece of jewelry that reflects your personality.Impegno distinguishes itself from other jewelries by offering couples, more than the final product, the opportunity to participate in the making of their wedding bands.

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The Interview Outfit

When it comes to job interviews I've always gone with the safe bet: a formal shirt and pants or a skirt. But today I had an interview for a fashion related job, where creativity is an important qualification. How to dress to impress? I chose a pair of really loose printed pants (which I never thought of like business attire) and decided to go for a risky but chic combination of stripes and prints. To give the look a formal spin, I added high heels, a black blazer and contrasting jewelry.

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