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Granada, Nicaragua

It was December 31st, in the late 80's. As the clock struck midnight, my grandmother grabbed a suitcase and ran out to the street; I followed her. We ran to the corner, passing by a cemetery, and then back home. My grandmother told me she did it for good luck; it was supposed to attract trips to the new year. She has traveled to countless places, and was the one who stirred in me that urge to move, to cross at least the street, to explore, observe, smell and feel.

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KS Roadtrip: Monument Rocks

We walked around the monument for a few minutes, and then sat down to watch the sunset. The sun descended slowly, through “the needle”, an oval-shaped gap in between the rocks. The colors of the horizon as the sun sets, and the moon begins to shine taking its place, were simply beautiful. We were amazed, we were marveled, even after sunset, when everything got dark, we wanted to stay.

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