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My Birthday: Ariel, Beyoncé, and Life Not Going According to Plan

Is it the Leo in me wanting to be celebrated, or my sweet-tooth inner child craving cake and ice cream? Either way, I have always loved to celebrate my birthday. To this day I remember most of my birthday gifts, including the Dónde están los ladrones? Shakira CD.

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Fall trends: Inspired by KCFW

The sun is finally out and temperatures have risen to my beloved beach-like levels. It’s time to bring out the shorts and bikinis, but it’s also time to look at the trends that will rule this fall. Inspired by the collections shown on Thursday and Friday during the last KCFW, these are the items we think you should be on the look-out for your fall wardrobe. 

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KS Roadtrip: Monument Rocks

We walked around the monument for a few minutes, and then sat down to watch the sunset. The sun descended slowly, through “the needle”, an oval-shaped gap in between the rocks. The colors of the horizon as the sun sets, and the moon begins to shine taking its place, were simply beautiful. We were amazed, we were marveled, even after sunset, when everything got dark, we wanted to stay.

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