Lu in Blue

In this season of “Fashion weeks”, social media is flooded with updates regarding “new trends”, however as fashion connoisseurs have said in the past, what really prevails is style.  A simple search for #streetstyle on Pinterest will prove that point, when garments are combined in a smart way, we like what we see, without thinking to much about what pants style or which  colors are dominating the season’s runways.

Personally, I love to use 70s-inspired clothing, like this beautiful romper, that along with the necklace, were gifts from Lu by Lolita. Lu by Lolita is an Uruguayan brand that has expanded internationally with great success. In Costa Rica, they've come to be known by their participation at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (See Thu 28thFri 29thSat 30thAfter Party), but also for innovating the Costa Rican market by welcoming bloggers to their events and by using technology in their digital dressing rooms. You can read more about it here: Lu by Lolita.

Many of the casual garments you find in Lu’s store, represent bohemian style, in the case of this post’s beautiful blue romper, it's the bell sleeves and the eye-catching pattern that reference the era of “peace and love”. This was the outfit I used for my birthday and because it was a special occasion, I decided to add some “flower power” by decorating my braids with sunflowers.  

Fringes are another trend attributed to hippies, nonetheless, they’ve come back to the runways to stay. I bought my first fringe bag years ago, when you could only get them at vintage stores. Nowadays, many brands produce garments with the trending fringes and I can't deny it, I love it! Even if they eventually go out of style, I plan to continue incorporating them to my wardrobe when I'm 80. 

Looking at the Fashion Weeks' collections is a dream-come true for every fashion-lover, there is always something new to try; however it's ideal to know our own style and to take advantage of it in a creative way. With a sensitive intuition for fashion, one can accomplish timeless results, it doesn't matter if the inspiration comes from Marie Antoinette or the latest Chanel collection.

How about you, what type of garment do you like to wear even if it’s not  “in style”?

Thank you Lu by Lolita for this gorgeous outfit, I loved it! If you liked it too, be sure to follow them on social media :)

Romper and necklace: Lu by Lolita  FB:Lolita Costa Rica  Insta:lubylolitacostarica

Thanks for the pictures Cata!

Photos: Catalina WedmanFB: Cata Wedman Insta: naqishaluvs

Text: Aurola Wedman FB: ColorsofCostaRica Insta: aurola.wedman