MBFWSJ - After Party

After 4 days of shows and 3 days of catwalks, everyone deserves a break and why not, a party. After everything, this type of events is possible thanks to the effort of many people. 

Let’s start with the organizers, who spend days coordinating with sponsors, models and employees, so that everything turns out perfect. Then we have the make up and hair team that leaves every model picture perfect. 

The models themselves, start training weeks or even months before the show, to look amazing on the catwalk. They learn to walk with the highest and most uncomfortable shoes and go out to the stage with their heads held high, whether or not there were falls or slips before. 

Us dressers, besides putting and taking clothes off and on, help with the organization of the backstage, the fittings and anything that´s necessary so the event is successful.The amount of people involved is countless, so after all this team work, it’s time to take a deep breath, dance, laugh and take pictures. We did it!

Pictures: William Víquez   Facebook: WillPhoto  Instagram: @willviquez
Text: Aurola Wedman    Facebook: Colors of Costa Rica    Instagram: @aurola.wedman