All in Outfits

Visiting Facebook's Headquarters in a Maxi Dress

I imagined the building would look like their logo: blue and corporate. Executives wearing ties, glancing at their watches and rushing to the next meeting. Like many, I heard rumors of how wonderful companies like Facebook and Google are. But they were just rumors, and can not compare to actually being there.

Tropical Prints

From throw pillows to dresses and wall décor, the representation of tropical plants such as Monstera and Euterpe (from the palm tree) has grown substantially in the past two years. Tropical motifs have been up and down runways world-wide and the trend is still going strong this summer.

The Holidays Outfit

It’s the time of the year when Santa Baby and I’ll Be Home For Christmas are playing in every store you walk in. Inside, the warm tunes and the cinnamon scented air compete with the bright lights and colorful decorations from outside. Which scenario is more beautiful? It’s hard to tell.