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Cold Days, Costa Rica

Choosing what to wear on a cold or windy day is always a challenge. I love pictures where clothes wave with the wind. On the other hand, if I am wearing a loose short dress or skirt, it may get very uncomfortable. On this throw back post of a trip to the Irazu volcano, I made sure I was warm by wearing booties and a sweater, and to add some movement I designed a long skirt.

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Valentine's Special

It’s Valentine’s Day! The one day a year you get a green light to be gooey and romantic, kiss in public, and go crazy with heart-shaped things (cards, pancakes, and hairdo’s). Well, I couldn’t let this opportunity go to waste. I am a newly-wed and very much in love. So here it goes. My Valentine’s special: wedding pictures and a true love story.

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Lu in Blue

In this season of “Fashion weeks”, social media is flooded with updates regarding “new trends”, however as fashion connoisseurs have said in the past, what really prevails is style.  A simple search for #streetstyle on Pinterest will prove that point, when garments are combined in a smart way, we like what we see, without thinking to much about what pants style or which  colors are dominating the season’s runways.

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