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The Not So Valentine’s Story

The Not So Valentine’s Story


Will doesn't like Valentine's. I secretly do.

His argument makes sense; it is a profit-driven celebration, like most holidays or special dates are. I still think it is cute.


Last year I convinced him to go out with me for dinner on Valentine's night. After waiting over one hour, and receiving three plates that were immediately removed from our table because they belonged to someone else, the waiter confessed our order was lost. I love this restaurant and won't mention its name because this experience doesn't represent what it is like to eat there.

But, it might represent what it is like to go out on a busy night like Valentine’s.

This year, we are thinking of picking out our own date to celebrate. So whether you are celebrating Valentine’s on the 14th or another day, here is an idea of how to rock red on this windy, cold weather.

Much love,

Aurola & Will


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