MBFWSJ - Saturday 30th

Saturday was the busiest day and because of all of the work that we had in backstage, I wasn’t able to take pictures of everything that was going on. However, I want to tell you more about what we do before a fashion show and share pictures of Alfredo Martinez’s fitting, believe me, you’ll love his collection.

Work in backstage begins since the morning, we start by assigning a space to each designer or brand; that’s where they keep their collection and where their models will be dressed.  

Make up and hair dos start hours before the show but in between catwalks sometimes changes need to be made to THE WHOLE makeup or hair style. At the very least, some retouching is done, in addition to changing the models clothes and shoes in a matter of seconds.

Usually designers write a line up of their models (in the order in which they want to show their garments). Line ups are reviewed in backstage, if a model is repeated we have to be sure there’s time to change her/his clothes.  

Most international designers arrive a few days prior or even the day before the show, at that time they meet the models in person and choose the outfits each one will wear; that was Alfredo Martinez case. I must admit I like Costa Rica´s tropical weather, but when I had his coats and pants in front in front of me, I wished that our country had a winter season. The style and elegance of his garments is amazing and it reminded me of some of the outfits used in the television series “The Time between Seams”.

Pictures and text: Aurola Wedman
Facebook: Colors of Costa Rica
Instagram: aurola.wedman